Business Consulting

AFG Corp Rural has traditionally been the heart of the AFG Corp group. It has been the foundation from which AFG Corp has been built. The stakeholders of the AFG Corp group have been in rural businesses for over 100 years with individuals in the group having been acknowledged as some of the most progressive leaders in the industry. This acknowledgment has led to advising Australian prime ministers and Queensland premiers in the relevant sector of the rural industry.

AFG Corp has been diversified in the rural sector by owning and operating a sheep and wool enterprise on western Queensland pastoral land, an irrigated cotton enterprise in central western NSW and a dryland grain growing enterprise in central northern NSW near the Queensland border.

AFG Corp Rural goals:

•  Achieve optimal returns for shareholders

•  Actively manage the assets for longer term sustainability

•  Be proactive in new on-the-ground systems to achieve the above

•  Synergize with businesses in agriculture to learn and understand

•  Provide rewarding career opportunities and a safe working environment for our staff.


In line with AFG Corp’s vision, AFG Corp Rural has made sustainability one of its main priorities. AFG Corp has defined sustainability under three core pillars being People, Environment, Profit. This means that over the long term AFG Corp Rural looks to manage the assets in a way that ensures profitability without compromising its people and the environment.

With rural property prices increasing in value substantially over the past 15 years it has been considerably more difficult to generate consistent returns from the asset. This has meant that sustainability is more and more under pressure of being compromised.

As a custodian of the land AFG Corp Rural has had to work hard to develop a sustainable business that produces quality produce that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

The governance of AFG Corp Rural is constantly looking at implementing strategies based around the three pillars forming the DNA of sustainability.